• Pitchman – My Angel Age 7″

    My old friend Drée and I played in a highly aspirational punk band when we were teens in the early 1990s. Last year, in 2023, we decided to release the recordings of that band on a vinyl 7″. It was limited to 200 copies and most are gone now. Of all the bands I played…

  • Other Places in Los Angeles Fall 2024

    Liz and I are doing a little project playing with cotton candy, wild labor, and []rea[c]tion myths for Other Places 6 in Los Angeles in September.

  • Everett Award

    I am delighted to win an award from the Everett G. Powers Fund For Creativity managed by the Baton Rouge Arts Council. The award will be used to support the Cannibal Singles Club, a curated series of nine 45 rpm 7″ vinyl records featuring musicians, visual artists, and writers associated with Yes We Cannibal. The…